"Learning to knit was a snap. It was learning how to stop that nearly destroyed me."
Erma Bombeck

Monday, January 28, 2013

Time to reboot..........again!

Spring like weather is so energizing, anything seems possible, even knitting down my stash However the long spell of cold temps and rain after Christmas resulted in a finished project---the Turia Pullover.  It fits, and I am so glad I used Rainbow Elastic in the ribbing for the sleeves and the body.  I wish I had used it at the neckline; I plan to add it with a tapestry needle, but I like knitting it in best. It is very fine so it just disappears, and I try not to stretch it, so it just gives the ribbing memory.   Linsy is a lovely, soft yarn, but it has no spring or memory of its own.  I would have another FO, the Classic Elite Fisherman Sweater but I lost a sleeve!  I have enough yarn to knit another, but I am stubborn, and I am hoping "it will turn up" (one of several mantras I repeat on a regular basis) as I continue my latest attempt at Creating Order Out Of Chaos.

Fishernan Pullover
Classic Elite: Boathouse Collection

 I started a spring cardigan in one of my favorite stash yarns, but "oh no!", I have also misplaced all but three balls of that yarn :-(    It is a very pretty beige and cream tweed with nice nubs in pink, orange, and yellow---appropriately named Meadow.  Frustrated, I was compelled to start another project, the Point D'Esprit pullover.  However I made sure I have all the yarn for that handy :-))
Rather than white, I chose a soft terracotta color from my stash which will give the sweater three season wearabiliity.

Point D'Esprit
Classic Elite