"Learning to knit was a snap. It was learning how to stop that nearly destroyed me."
Erma Bombeck

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Beads Go On

This Schaefer yarn is gorgeous, 100% cotton, the colors are vibrant---intense and supersaturated, and the glossy mercerized finish stood up beautifully to the process of sliding the beads onto the strand, which can cause severe wear on some yarns. I haven't knitted with it yet, but the yarn doesn't look as if splitting will be a problem. The yarn is smooth and crisp to the touch, but I'm expecting some softening with wear and time. I can't wait to start knitting late this afternoon, and perhaps I can post my progress tomorrow. Here are three more beautiful colors from Ewe Need Yarn.
The size 6 Matte Charcoal Seed Beads I chose to go with the yarn are pictured above. Seed beads are tiny pieces of glass cane that have been heated until they are smooth. Available in hundreds of colors and many finishes, they are sized by number, the higher the number, the smaller the bead. Japanese seed beads are generally recognized as being the best. Fusion Beads ,located in Seattle, offered free standard shipping (no minimum order); and my beads arrived in just a week. Included in the package was a free gift for a new customer :-)

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